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“Blueprint” opens with the band in deep swinging flow before Sevian’s throaty bari twists through a sinewy minor blues, making clear she has bags of energy and lots to say…Sevian gripping the furious tempo with great authority, breaking fluid mid register bop lines with rhythmic skips and occasional bagpiping higher register excursions. Colligan and the boys eat it up; an exciting track…” Michael Jackson, DownBeat (review of Blueprint, 3 1/2 stars)Michael JacksonDownbeat
Baritone saxist LAUREN SEVIAN, sustaining member of the Mingus Big Band, leads her debut session on BLUEPRINT (Inner Circle 4), wielding her big horn with confident panache through a recital of originals which include dedications to Cecil Payne (“One For C. Payne”) and John Stubblefield (“For Mr. Stubb”). Husband, Mike DiRubbo, plays alto on one track. The rhythm team steams—George Colligan, p; Boris Kozlov, b; Johnathan Blake, d. Lovely, flowingly unfettered Bebop.Alan BargeburhCadence Magazine 2011
Lauren Sevian holds down the low end of the arrangements with an exuberance that earns her a believable place in the strong Mingus lineage of tenor players like Booker Ervin. Wait for her to be let loose on “Moanin” – it is well worth itRobin MargolisAudiophile Audition (review of Mingus Big Band’s “Live at the Jazz Standard”)
In 2009 there aren’t too many jobs that can’t be held down by a woman. One that comes to mind might be the baritone saxophone chair in the Mingus Big Band. But that’s exactly where Lauren Sevian cut her teeth and earned the accolades that led to Blueprint, her debut recording on Greg Osby’s label. Sevian’s tone is full and authoritative on the big horn. Her straightahead compositions (ten originals; one cowritten with guest altoist Mike DiRubbo) are rendered with graceful precision by her working quartet (particularly pianist George Colligan). Sevian’s long, fluid lines run counter to most contemporary baritone styles, which tend to lean toward the avant garde, supplementing and sometimes replacing lyricism with overblowing or other flashy effects. On Blueprint Sevian is no-nonsense and establishes herself as a fresh and important new voice on an underappreciated often intimidating instrument.Jeff StocktonAll About Jazz, review of “Blueprint”
…The title track opens the album and from the git-go one realizes Sevian can get around on the large horn with style. Her sound is full and rich, evoking memories of Nick Brignola. The baritone is a gas in capable hands and that ability to ‘get around’ on the horn and explore its registers is an element of the instrument’s appeal. Sevian displays a convincing and exhilarating capacity to both tell a lively story through her solos and explore the range of her instrument without hesitation…Rick, review of “Blueprint”
“For the past few years Lauren Sevian has been a “rising star” on the New York jazz scene, particularly in her role as the baritone saxophonist in the Mingus Big Band. Lauren’s debut CD, filled with original compositions performed by a stellar quartet, is further proof that she is becoming an important voice on her instrument.”Bob BernotasJust Jazz
“Baritone saxophonist Lauren Sevian improvised over the fast section, issuing rhythmically robust lines that had a Coltrane-like angularity here, a Bird-like warmth there.”Zan StewartThe Star Ledger
“…One of the nights high points in Baritone saxophonist Lauren Sevian’s “Moanin’” that really left folks staring in amazement.”Glen CreasonCerritos Ink
“From the first unaccompanied notes of Lauren Sevian’s baritone saxophone it was clear that the Mingus Big Band was in powerful, energetic form, both as the highlight of this year’s Jazz Weekend at the Bath International Music Festival and at the midpoint of their current British tour.”Alan ShiptonTimes Online
“Mingus Big Band gave a tyically rollicking show for a sold out audience on the Saturday night with baritone saxophonist Lauren Sevian setting the tone with her barnstorming solo on the opener, ‘Moanin’.”Stephen GrahamJazzwise
“Then the band…ripped into Mingus’s rapid-fire blues ”Boogie Stop Shuffle.”…Lauren Sevian soloed fluidly on the unwieldy baritone saxophone, building to a honking finish as the trumpets shrieked.”Kevin LowenthalBoston Globe
“Opening with a rousing version of “E’s Flat, Ah’s Flat Too” we wasted no time in launching into some serious and extended solos. First up was Lauren Sevian giving us a blistering baritone sax solo taking time to dip into the delicious lower register of this instrument.” (Toronto Jazz Festival)Dave BarnesThe Live Music report
“This New York-based band is full of young fiery musicians who understand the spatial qualities of Bjork’s music and who delve into Sullivan’s terrific arrangements with commitment and energy. The band is rich with soloists… the fiery playing of Lauren Sevian on baritone sax…” (review of Travis Sullivan's Bjorkestra "Enjoy")Alan ChaseThe Wire
“Lauren Sevian and Randy Brecker began the second piece with mournful, soulful refrains, as the deep baritone sax played the slower theme and imbued it with energy and even a danceable melody.”Dr. Roberta ZlokowerRoberta on the Arts
“Between the soloists emerge Lauren Sevian perfectly comfortable on her heavy instrument… "All About Jazz Italy
Once I finished playing Monday morning quarterback with the cats at JAZZ 90.1, I crossed the street -- to get to the other side and catch the Lauren Sevian Quartet deliver some hard bop via her baritone saxophone. Miss Sevian stayed mostly in the upper register while ignoring the delicious honks and growls associated with the instrument; if you closed your eyes, you wouldn’t have been able to tell it was a barryFrank De BlaseRochester City Newspaper
"Looking for a ballad to bring a tear to the eye? Check out this quartet's take on "Theme For Ernie," with Sevian delivering some of the most heart-warming bari work you're likely to hear today..."-Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz, review of Amanda Monaco's "Glitter"Dan BilawskyAll About Jazz